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The team was very professional in executing their duties, and I had no problem with them whatsoever. They were quick to act decisively on possible threats, with good advice to the officers on the bridge. The team effectively protected the ship against an imminent pirate threat at the Bab El Mandeb Straight and I can say without any reservation that if not for this team the ship would have been hijacked

- Vessel Master

International maritime security management

MARITIME RISK SOLUTIONS (MRS) provides a complete protection service for the marine industry.  This includes the protection of vessels, offshore installations, harbours and ports against the threats such as pirates and other attacks.

We deploy only fully trained personnel with offensive sea- and land borne experience. Each selected Marine Security Specialist is subjected to a unique researched and predetermined Personality Profile Analysis to ensure quality of men in the service. 

The company was registered in 2003 and has since been active in the Maritime Industry in various disciplines. The journey started, combating piracy under extremely aggressive conditions, in the Nigerian Delta.  The establishment of partnerships, joint ventures and associations with other organizations and companies ensure the most comprehensive and flexible service available in the field of Maritime Risk

MRS has full insurance cover for General Liability, Maritime Employee Liability and Professional Liability up to $5million for each part.

The Middle East, East and West coasts of Africa are the areas where MRS are experienced and well-established.

MRS is a registered international company in the Seychelles with more than 120 skilled, vetted and trained Marine Security Specialists.

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