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On behalf of the entire crew, we would highly recommend the security group to be vessel security escort if ever vessel calls for it

- Vessel Master

SERVICES - Security and Protection

Anti-Piracy and Protection

  • Armed or unarmed
  • All kinds of vessels (Large Cargo vessels to privately owned yachts)
  • Offshore seismic survey tasks
  • Offshore installations ( production or drilling)
  • Stowaway prevention actions

Training of vessel crew

Training is hands-on and recognized by the International Maritime Organization (IMO)

  • Physical on- and offshore protection, armed and unarmed
  • Surveillance
  • Detection
  • Recording
  • Specialized Training
  • Specialized Advisory
  • Occupational Health, Safety and Environment
  • Explosives Disposal
  • Anti-Sabotage

Harbours and Ports 

All Harbours and Ports services are customized to suit the client's need

  • Physical guarding and patrols
  • Water patrols
  • Drug smuggling and Human trafficking prevention
  • Security and Risk analyses

Vessel Hardening

Vessel Hardening is based on a "Self Protection Philosophy"  which is  seamanlike, workable, and will withstand the rigors of shipboard use.
Non-lethal items that are designed to deter pirates from boarding vessels either under way, or lying at anchor are supplied.
Products are robust, durable, user friendly and can be fitted to most vessels cost effectively.

Light Offshore vessel support

Patrol / Escort Vessel
Light Cargo Vessel
Patrol, Standby or Escort Vessel
Patrol, Standby or Escort Vessel
Patrol, Standby or Escort Vessel
Fast Patrol craft: Solid Hull
FRC / RIB Vessel
Crew boat, OPL launch, Light supply, Harbour Tug, Port Security Vessel